Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plum Syrup

Summer is going by fast....I will not miss the high temperatures, but am thankful for the wonderful fruit my plum tree produced this year. Made lots of plum jam for breakfast times during the winter months. Whenever I have plum juice left over after measuring for my jam, I put it to good use. I mix sugar to taste in it, and a squeeze of lemon juice, bring it to a good boil till it is nice and thick, and I pour it into bottles. I love to pour the syrup into my saved and clean glass SOBE bottles. What is it about that cute little lizard on the top of the bottle ? It always brings a smile to my face. Now they are just putting their drinks in plastic ones, and I do not care for those bottles. This morning we had french toast for breakfast, slathered with butter, and plum syrup. Heavenly ! I also make apricot syrup when I have juice left over from making jam. I keep it refrigerated, and it will last for months....great over waffles as well.